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 From Zabuza to Naveen

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From Zabuza to Naveen Empty
PostSubject: From Zabuza to Naveen   From Zabuza to Naveen Icon_minitimeSun Feb 13, 2011 8:50 am

A pursuit for the hidden mist village accord for this was not a mission given to him by the Hokage, it was a personal one. Naveen would arrive in the mist village looking for Zabuza Momochi. A target like Zabuza was not that hard to find. The two stood face to face. Naveen would ask Zabuza to come with him to a more suitable battle area. They entered an area filled by water. Naveen stood on one end as Zabuza stood on the other. Zabuza would stand straight up bringing one arm straight to the air in a hand sign and his other tucked in to his chest as he did a hand sign that way. “Hidden Mist Jutsu!” Zabuza would shout as the entire area would get shrouded in mist. Naveen would pull out a kunai and get himself ready. Zabuza would then grab his Decapitation Carving Knife and move around in the mist with his Silent Killing Technique. Naveen charged his kunai with a wind nature and lightning nature. His kunai was having jolts in it as it’s length would get farther from the wind. Zabuza would sneak behind and swing his knife as Naveen countered with his kunai. He would attempt to send the jolt through Zabuza’s knife but fail. He then held it in place as he grabbed his katana for a strike against him. Zabuza seeing what Naveen attempted he would release the pressure and move back running to the water. Naveen would then activate his sharingan and watch him. Zabuza would begin to perform complicated hand signs. Ox, Monkey, Hare, Rat, Boar, Bird, Ox, Horse, Bird, Rat, Tiger, Dog, Tiger, Snake, Ox, Ram, Snake, Boar, Ram, Rat, Yang Water, Monkey, Bird, Dragon, Bird, Ox, Horse, Ram, Tiger, Snake, Rat, Monkey, Hare, Boar, Dragon, Ram, Rat, Ox, Monkey, Bird, Yang Water, Rat, Boar, Bird. Naveen watched it and copied hand sign for hand sign as he could with sharingan. Zabuza would release a Water Dragon at Naveen, as his sharingan copied it completely and countered. The two would cause a tidal wave and crash on land. Zabuza would get up recuperating as Naveen would charge a chidori in his hand. He slams the water with it sending a current at Zabuza. He would jump to a tree branch and stare down Naveen. “Your strong for a little guy...” Zabuza would say at him. Naveen would bring his hand back and start to form a wind blade as he would throw them at Zabuza and the tree branch. Zabuza would then jump down to the water and aims his knife at him. Naveen would aim his katana back as he charges him holding his katana against his shoulder. Zabuza stood still as he then performed the following hand signs with one hand, Snake, Ram, Horse, Hare, Ram, Horse, Hare, Hands spread in front palms out as a bubble started to form and capture Naveen. “You may be strong, but you aren’t all that smart.” He’d say as he swings his knife at him. He would then freeze and drop the knife. Inside his mind he was being stabbed by four shackling stakes. Naveen would then break out using a chidori and grabbed the knife. “Wh... What the hell did you do...” He’d seem confused as if it where impossible. “Never underestimate your opponent if they have a backup plan...” Zabuza would then see as if Naveen swung the knife and cut his head off, as he fell over. However in reality he was only stricken by another genjutsu as Naveen left with his blade. “You are weak... Momochi...” Naveen would say as he’d summon a fake Decapitation Carving Knife pre-made and toss it to his side. He would then leave and when Zabuza awoke it was as if he only gone through a nightmare.
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From Zabuza to Naveen
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