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 Naveen's Story

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PostSubject: Naveen's Story   Naveen's Story Icon_minitimeWed Feb 09, 2011 1:48 pm

The First challenging Mission
Naveen stood in attention at the age of four-teen. Alongside him was his brother Carlin, Keiji Kuri, and there Jounin Kyoko Koto. Keiji was a little shorter then Naveen and Carlin. He would be best at leading in with a weapon and his fire nature. Kyoko Koto was a tall woman. She was very slim and would be the most cautious of teachers when it came to fighting. Her name was Kyoko Koto though she preferred to be called Nariko. Her chakra nature was lightning, and was very skilled at it. She knew many A rank techniques in lightning and would always make sure we were protected. She once knew Kakashi, as she requested, he taught her Chidori. Hiruzen gave them a mission to travel to the border of the fire country and the grass country. They packed their bags and where given only the info to travel there. No other information was given. After days of travel they reached the border and hid behind tree's looking outward to see if something was up. A group of ninja stood with the headbands of the hidden grass village. Nariko did a hand motion as Keiji was to walk out. His weapons were at his side for a ‘just in case’ moment. He walked over to the ninja as they looked at him and then the headband. The tallest and oldest of the three would walk over. "Are you the only ninja Hiruzen sent for aid? Is one all that is worth to us in his eyes?" Nariko, Naveen and Carlin come out and walk to him. "I am captain of this squad, Nariko Koto." "So you are to aid us in this battle?" "What kind of battle is it?" "We needed aid from the leaf for we keep getting attacked when our ninja have left, we need aid to stop the intruders. If we allow our ninja to stay, the attacks could stop, but currencies will as well, and leave people jobless, in debt and we will be run out of the country." She nodded and looked at her students as they went into the village. "Stay stationed at these key set points, this is where they would most likely strike next." She nods at the directions and gets her squad into position. Once all the ninja got out on missions, like the quick sound of night Ninja came to strike the new area and burn it down. Naveen and Carlin's sharingan's activated watching the fight, two tomoe in each eye. Keiji would be the first to come out and attack first with his katana knocking two ninja away from the building. Nariko would activate a quick little burst of chakra in her hand and run up piercing one from behind. A group of rouge ninja from Amegakure, Kusagakure and Takigakure wanted to start a world war between there old villages to get them out of their country and overthrow one as their own. There were now nine ninja surrounding the team of four. Nariko would then swing her arms out and bring them fast together forming a number of hand signs. Naveen watched and performed the following: Ox, Rabbit, Monkey, Dragon, Rat, Bird, Ox, Snake, Dog, Tiger, and Monkey. She charged in to strike, a few would jump at her as Naveen ran up, put his foot on Nariko's back and jumped up hitting one. Carlin shot a fire jutsu and hit the other one down. Nariko had then successfully stabbed another one. Now it was down to four against six. Keiji threw his rounded weapons to the sides as he drew his katana's. Five ninja attempted a strike on the four man squad as Keiji jumped up fast swinging his blades at much spread to bring down at least two, Carlin would use another fire ball jutsu and Naveen used his wind element to boost it and set ablaze two ninja. Nariko would take down one herself with a taijutsu combination. The last of the ninja stood between them. "Keiji, Katana!" Naveen would shout as he tossed it to Nariko. Nariko caught the sword, charged lightning into the blade; Carlin used a fire jutsu to go around the sword as Naveen used a wind jutsu to concentrate the fire to not hit Nariko. She charged the last ninja as he then charged his chakra to release a field of it around him in armor like state as he charged her. He knew that if she would pierce only his arm he could get her, and just like that she did, but the flame around the sword then went wild once the wind couldn't go anywhere as it set the last ninja on fire and Nariko moved away. After the fire went down and killed the ninja, Keiji went and pulled his sword out. "That went actually quite well." The ninja of the grass would return and thank the ninja from Konoha. They then departed to return. The relationship between Konoha and the grass grew since the destruction of Kannabi Bridge.

Eternal Bond
Naveen and his brother Carlin grew up together under their adoptive parents Hana and Hiroshi Hoshi. While growing up they under went tough challenges in life from the first mission they fought someone stronger, learning to activate sharingan. Each challenge grew tougher as they eventually grew there eyes into the third tomoe. Together they where an undefeated pair, the blue and gold duo. One day they faced a Kumo ninja. He stood just abit taller then the 17 and 18 year old brothers. The brothers would start it off with there signature fire ball/chidori current combo. Naveen sent a current on the ground as Carlin sent a fire somewhat in the sky. The Kumo's lightning elemental resistance was so high it almost charged him up. He then used a water jutsu just like the fire to take it down. Slowly losing the battle, jutsu countered one after another, Carlin and Naveen where almost killed with chidori almost being formed. But the Kumo ninja stoped and let them live. The two Uchiha brothers where enraged, there undefeated streak now into a nothing. One day during a search, Carlin went into a cave and discovered an uchiha area. He would study the tablit on the Uchiha pedistle, learning of the new technique. He then went to Naveen and told him the news about it. "To gain it we must kill someone presiouse to them." He said. Naveen got worried as Carlin pointed out he wouldn't kill him. They needed to find someone close who would be sacrifised for their cause. There eyes would look at their house. Carlin asked his father for a spar, as Naveen asked his mother. The two brothers over powering their parents would not stop the fight. They would continue to fight, their parents ended up back to back as Naveen and Carlin stabbed their parents through with a chidori faster then they could dodge. The two brothers charged chidori making sure their parents died. As the parents fell, the brothers looked eye to eye, as their eyes formed a new shape, their Mangekyo's awakened.

After killing their parents Naveen was wondering what new jutsu his eyes could do. He closed his right eye, his eye would bleed as he would set his parents in a black fire, Amaterasu. He whiped his eye and cleared the flame. Carlin watched in amazement fearing to attempt himself. They headed off for a rematch finding the Kumo ninja again. He would shake his head thinking the ninja never learned from the last fight. Naveen's mangekyo and eye blead fast as Amaterasu attempted to hit him. The Kumo ninja motioned away so it'd miss as a black lightning shot through the fire looking like the fire made it black. The ninja brother's dodged the technique as Carlin would charge after the ninja in an attempt to hit him with chidori. The Kumo ninja countered with a chidori of his own and tossed him aside. Naveen ran at him and once close attempted another Amaterasu. This one struck and the Kumo ninja fell down. It then turned into lightning as if it where a clone as a black chidori came from his side as Carlin stabbed the Kumo ninja. Naveen then used one last Amaterasu to finally kill him. The flame would then burn the body away. Naveen would tell Carlin about the sudden blurry vision. Carlin got curiouse using a healing jutsu on him, but his eyes where still blurry.Carlin guiaded Naveen home and knocked him out on arrival. Carlin layed him down in a grassy area near the hospital while he went to the tablet. His return would be devistating as he would pick up Naveen and carry him inside the hospital. He requested the doctor to take out his eyes and implant them in his brothers. The doctor understood. Naveen would awake to the doctor checking carlin's chart. Naveen sat up and the doctor told him to not take off the wrapping. "Brother... I wish I could see your recovery... But now our eyes... our power are one..." as Carlin said before passing away. The doctor tried to save him, but to no use. Within days Naveen took off the bandages and visited the memorial stone every day. Carlin sacrifised his vision and life, for Naveen's sight to never fade away.
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Naveen's Story
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