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 Ashlyns info card

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PostSubject: Ashlyns info card   Ashlyns info card Icon_minitimeMon Feb 07, 2011 3:04 pm

name: Ashlyn



height: 5 1/2

weight: 108

bloodtype: A

kekkei genkei: rinningan

tailed beast: one tails

classafcation: medical ninja

affiltion: rain

clan: rinningan

ninja rank:jonin

accadimy age:7

chunin age:10


nature typess: fire water wind lightning earth ying and yang

jutzu: water dragon jutzu,demon llusion tree bind death,ninja art fireball jutzu

wepon: mostly two katannas

likes: sweets ramon and blood red flowers

dislikes: fish bright things (pink yellow etc) boring things

personality: mostly in the shadows vary dark but is friendly exeped when prevoked

bio: born with rinningan she left after her parants died she roamed alone and lost all hope
she found her friends she got happy then she under help from akatsuki members she learn how to fight and use her rinningan she had one nervus feeling that pain was her dad she wanted to find out so she talk to him just to find out the easly anger pain was her father she stayed in the akatsuki intill he died then she left now she wanders to find the one that killed him just as she had left just to have been sealed with the 1 tailed demon in her.
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Ashlyns info card
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