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 The village Gates

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PostSubject: The village Gates   The village Gates Icon_minitimeSun Feb 06, 2011 2:24 am

Land of Fire(Hi no Kuni), one of the few largest and most powerful countries out of the 34 countries in the shinobi world. The first country to create a ninja village (hidden village) later setting this example to other countries. The fire country though its not the largest of all of the countries would being the 3rd largest of them would be under the rule of the Hi no Kuni Daimyo the leader, as to every country there would be a daimyo.

In the Land of Fire (Hi no Kuni) between the huge forests with almost endless amounts of trees spreading about the entire place. Small rivers would stream around in the middle between certain areas of the seemingly endless array of trees, as they would cross and interconnect with other lakes and rivers

Soon after finally passing through thick trees that seemed to be growing past the limits of the sky, bushes, and rivers, tall grass, which a normal person that has no knowledge or map of the area would never be able to get into unless by accident, you would soon find yourself standing in front of two huge gates as you would stare upwards to it's hight it seemed to block out the sun the only feature of the village seen behind these gates would be the mountain formation that is known to be the villages trademark feature containing the four faces of the previous four hokages "fire shadows". The two Green gates would be entirely made of wood and two 3 granite frames that outlined the walls around the gates. The gates would be open in the day time and closed in the night to keep out any unwelcome intruders that dared enter. On the walls of the gates in bright red paint there would be the letters in hiragana for "A" and "N' the first and last letters of the hiragana alphabet. behind the gate there would be two gaurds one with black shaggy hair, a bandage around his nose that seemed to go all the way back to his neck and a gotee, this man's name would be seen next to his post in front of the gate as "Kotetsu Hagane". The second gaurd a man that wore his headband like a bandana having his black hair combed down under it and covering one side leaving only one of his eyes showing as the other one is covered by hair, he would be wearing a flack jacket over his shinobi outfit that stopped up to his chin, his name would be seen as "Izumo Kamizuki". The two gaurds stood watch over intruders or suspicous looking people only allowing certain people that dont seem to be a threat or have buisness to do there.

Once you would finish coming accross the gaurds you would find yourself standing in the huge buisy filled streets of konoha many people would be seen working, walking around the town, holding open shops, markets ,selling goods, the sound of children would be heard laughing and playing in the streets all in all the place would seem to be pretty peaceful even though its mostly made up of outsiders and people from other villages. This would be your entry into konohagakure The hidden leaf village of the Land of Fire
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The village Gates
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