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 Rules for Chunin Exams

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PostSubject: Rules for Chunin Exams   Rules for Chunin Exams Icon_minitimeSat Feb 05, 2011 5:59 pm

Part 1
Forest of Death - Genin will be sent into a giant forest, filled with giant creatures and other students. Your goal is to enter the forest, defeat your opponent, and retreave the other scroll. The amount of scrolls given will be divided evenly, so half the students get earth, half get heaven. Only half of the students entering will pass this portion. Once you obtain both scrolls you must get to the main tower. IF ANY STUDENT OPENS A SCROLL BEFORE GETTING TO THE TOWER, THEY ARE AUTOMATICALLY DISQUALIFIED!

Part 2
The Tournament - After you have obtained your two scrolls and reached the central tower, you are now entered into a tournament. You will be randomly matched up with an opponent. Your new objective is to defeat your opponent. Once you win you will advance onto the next round of the battle. And this will continue on until we have a winner. The winner of the tournament will be granted Chunin.

Killing in both the Forest of Death and The Tournament is Banned.
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Rules for Chunin Exams
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